Love flinging birds at naughty piggies that have stolen your eggs? So do we so here’s a little guide to help you progress further in your game.

See the level

One thing that I found extremely useful is using the triggers (RT and LT) to zoom in and out of your level, it gives you a much clearer view on your objective and will also reveal most Golden Eggs (Some are hidden inside of objects that need smashing).

Try different solutions

More often than not there are multiple ways to solving levels, try different ideas such as flinging birds up in the air to drop down on the unsuspecting piggies, this is fairly common in some of the later levels. ¬†The key is to experiment, I’ve solved many levels but just trying stuff out.

Controller help

On some levels you will be required to fling several birds in the same direction, with a controller this is easily achievable, simply fling your first bird without removing your thumb from the stick, if the bird hits the exact place you needed it to then you can simply guide the next bird to the exact same point but just holding the stick in the same position.

Don’t give up

Some levels are made incredibly hard, just keep trying new methods, failing that there are always solutions available on YouTube if you want to ‘cheat’ just bare in mind that most of the solutions are from the PC/iPhone and the Xbox is a little less sensitive on the controllers than touch screens so some methods are quite hard to replicate.

Might Eagle

Getting stressed with a level? Simply hold down Y and launch the token to call in the Mighty Eagle, this will void the achievements linked to completing episodes without the Mighty Eagle but this cloud has a silver lining, it will allow you to progress to the next level and also help towards the achievements of completing all levels in an episode with the Mighty Eagle.

Do you have any helpful tips and hints to pass on to our readers? Maybe you have a guide to completing certain tricky levels? Let us know in the comments below.

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