Far Cry 3 has now hit stores around the world and we’re here to drop a knowledge bomb on how to survive the brutal wilderness of this beautiful tropical island.

Gone huntin’!

The vast wilderness of Far Cry 3 means that you’ll never be far from some blood thirsty predator or its cowardly prey and one of your main goals throughout your time as Jason should be to skin ‘em all, especially the rarer, more unique animals. The reason for this is to upgrade the amount of stuff you can carry; you’ll need to be able to craft it with the skin of specific animals and each upgrade makes your life that little bit easier, so make sure to keep checking your map for where animals tend to chill.

Herbal remedy!

After you’ve ventured into the depths of the wilderness and upgraded your syringe pack, collecting herbs should be next on your list; especially those beautiful green leaves which when crafted will give you a notable chunk of health back. By having a few of the yellow leaves, which turn into hunting syringes, will always help for when you’re hunting the rarest of animals, making it that lil’ bit easier to sneak up to them.

Decisions, decisions! (skill tree)

As you progress through the story, you’ll level up and earn skill points. These skill points can be spent on anything from super sneaky fancy takedowns to increased machine gun accuracy. Although you may spend enough time on the island to unlock them all; your priority should be unlocking ones which assist the way you play.

Super stealthy!

Stealth in Far Cry 3 may be difficult to master but as soon as you’ve got it nailed down; your life will become significantly easier. A silenced sniper should be a must-carry no matter where you go on the island and extra zoom wouldn’t go a miss either, making taking out enemies from afar simpler. The main rule to follow for being stealthy? Stick to the bushes and make sure to watch where soldiers stroll (pattern) and place a bullet in their skull as soon as they can’t be seen by their pirate chums.

Gimmie d’at loot!

Diablo and Borderlands’ fans will be well aware of this but pick up every single thing which you see and sell it all. Everything you pick up will be worth something and money will only make your life easier, allowing you to upgrade your weapons and buy body armour. Make sure you don’t miss out on those precious playing cards and poker ships that are scattered around the island, they’re worth a pretty penny.


Making your way across the vast island can be a major pain in the ass but if you take a break from exploring and take over the liberation points scattered around the island, revisiting areas will be significantly easier due to every time you take over a stronghold, you’re then able to fast travel straight to it! Each stronghold also holds a vending machine which will let you sell all the goodies you scavenged on your adventure.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Get back in there!

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