Review: Contrast

Style, we all love it. I'm not talking about that super uniformed style that Abercrombie & Fitch would have you chasing after with abs, blank faces, greasy strange haircuts and all the rest. No I'm talking...
65%Alien Rage Quit

Review: Alien Rage

Do you like first person shooters with character depth, strong story-lines and the ability to affect how the levels play out? If so this game isn't for you. However if you like run of the mill run-and-gunners...
30%Don't Bother

Review: Girl Fight

Fighting games are a hard genre to pull off, yes the idea is simplistic enough, throw together a few interesting characters with diverse move sets and fighting styles then watch the battle cry and laughter...

Review: Flashback HD

Any of you who follow any of my posts on here will know that I might have a bit of a retro thing going on. Indeed, it could be said that I spend a lot of my time living in the past and as a fan of a specific...

Review: Narco Terror

Earn points by making things explode In a time when games have become long time labours of love, with huge set pieces, deep storylines and an eye for massive amounts of detail all while trying their best...