Friday is upon us once again which means it’s time for another Community Spotlight, this week we welcome Kyle.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Kyle, but I pretty much skulk around cyberspace as DiscoBeaver. I’m 28, with my first baby on the way in January and married for 6 years this November. Originally from Wales but dragged kicking and screaming into England by my wife when I got married. Currently the keeper of Ninja Dog (Aka Baxter) who has mastered the skill of stealing toast to a degree that Solid Snake would be proud of.

What are you playing at the moment?

I tend to mix the games I play and get itchy feet when I stick with something for too long. I’ve recently revisited Darksiders II and completed Splinter Cell: Blacklist, however Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3U and Rayman Legends are on frequent rotation.

 What games are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Out of everything, Watch_Dogs is looking good. There’s always the standard ‘GTA V’ response but especially with XB1 and PS4 around the corner Watch_Dogs is looking great on the new machines.

What are you thoughts on the Xbox One? Will you be getting one?

I was pretty much camp PS4 in the beginning, more for the fact that I’m 360 all the way this gen and wanted a change, but as time went on I can’t seem to drag myself away from the Xbox. So the way it’s looking I’m back on board with the XB1 with my pre-order already in. I was a little disappointed by the amount of backtracking MS did from their original announcements as I really liked some of the ideas they were bringing to the table. Alas the vocal chorus of the internet came blundering forth like a drunken elephant and pretty much strong armed MS in to making the changes.

It remains to be seen if these things make an appearance in the future but I for one look forward to the time they do.

What has been your favourite game so far this year?

I was surprised how much I loved Dead Space 3 with how the general gaming community were talking about it. It was the co-op sessions I was able to play on that game that made it. Me and my co-op buddy became a well-oiled necro killing machine and in the end even arranged a late night run through for the DLC. I think I booked the morning off work as my co-op buddy was working late. In the end I think we played through the DLC at 2 in the morning and it was awesome.

What achievement are you most proud of getting?

Without a doubt, Mile high Club on Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare.

What got you into gaming?

Bit of a strange one this as I can’t pinpoint one thing. I’ve been gaming since I could hold a controller but neither of my parents played games. I recall my Uncle having a NES when it was first released and me playing that, duck hunt I think and just been hooked ever since. I also remember there being a Light gun game on the Master System he had which involved shooting jungle animals, PETA would have a field day if that was released now.

What was your first console?

It was a second-hand Atari 2600 and I must have been about 4/5 years old. It had a copy of centipede and some other adventure game which I can’t recall the name of so whoever said that gaming improves your memory was talking out his arse.

Who is your favourite character in gaming and why?

Link from the Legend of Zelda series, this guy’s pretty much grown up with me over the years and the hours I’ve spent in Hyrule would put some World of Warcraft players to shame. I’ve always felt that every time I’ve gone on an adventure with Link, it’s been the both of us, not me controlling him. Sounds a little pretentious but I love the fact that gaming as a medium can evoke this feeling. I’ve even infected my Younger brother (8 years my junior) with a love for the Legend of Zelda series. Pretty excited for the new one that’s coming on WiiU and where me and Link go next.

If you could have one classic game remade what would it be?

As you can guess, I’m a pretty big LOZ fan, so I’ve been lucky to have Ocarina of Time remade for the 3DS not to mention the HD’ing up of Wind Waker due out next month. I’m not a retro guy at all through and firmly believe that Rose tinted vision is liberally applied with a lot of games. It’s more nostalgia than anything else which is difficult to recreate. To push myself for an answer though…The First Samurai for the Amiga.

And finally, what are your top 5 games of all time?

Worst Question to ever ask a long-term gamer…In no particular order

  • Nier (Xbox 360)
  • Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (Super Nintendo)
  • Super Mario Bros (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Super Smash Bros: Melee (Nintendo Gamecube)
  • Metal Gear Solid (Playstation One)

There are a ton of other games I could mention but all of the above I could go back and play over and over and over.

Many thanks to Kyle for agreeing to take part in our Community Spotlight! You can follow him on Twitter here.

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