Tucked away in a little corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week saw 8 new Indie releases, let’s take a closer look at them.

Cool Shapes – karl90

Cool Shapes is a Puzzle & Trivia game by karl90. This involves filling in the highlighted areas on the gaming grid. Sounds easy, but the shapes cannot pass through each other so you will have to manipulate and navigate around to get them to fit. This is a single-player game, boasting Dolby Digital sound. 80MS Points

Santa’s Xmas Dash 2 – Lost World Creations

It’s the festive time of year again and Santa is making his way back to your house. Help Santa deliver presents in this sequel to Santa’s Xmas Dash that features up to 4 players, with a co-op mode. This also adds a new multi-player race mode and a single player 60 second dash. 80MS Points

Aah, Halloween Pie! – Ingeniousfun

See the witch? Help the witch get what she needs in this short, single player, 2D platformer from Ingeniousfun. It’s a little late for halloween, but hey, who wouldn’t want to help a witch? This title has adult themes. 80MS Points

Space Egypt – We Love Hamsters Software

What seems like a curious mix of Boulderdash and Mr.Do, Space Egypt sees you command Curiosity Rover II in an effort to save NASA. Explore Martian pyramids to grab treasure and add to NASA’s coffers in this classic arcade style single player game, which feature high score saves. 80 MS Points

2D Voxel Madness – Fun Infused Games

Create your own worlds, fight enemies and search for treasure in this game, oddly reminiscent of Manic Miner. Single player platformer featuring Dolby Digital sound. 80 MS Points

TrickyTreat – awgsknite

Take to the sky in this candy collecting flying game from awgsknite. Control Batboy to collect the 12 candies in this single player flight gmae with a difference. 80MS Points

Retro Pixel Racers – Josep Monzonis

This top down single player racer is just like Championship Sprint. There are 14 different tracks to unlock by collecting trophies and stars. 80MS Points

Project Gert: Recon – Modern7

This single player platformer is the sequel to Project Gert: Moonbreaker. Voice acting by professional actors as well as impressive anime graphics should help ease you into the puzzles. 80MS Points

All games are out now, click the links to add them to your download queue.

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