I bloody love indie games. I guess that’s why they made me Indie Editor here at Xboxer; I honestly didn’t slip Dave a few quid for the privilege! The reason I love them is because indie developers dare to go places that the AAA developers never touch.  There are so many varied experiences out there that you’d never get to see if you only stuck with the big developers, so it’s really worth it to dip your toe into the vast indie ocean from time to time.

The five games presented here are just a small selection of the games I’d love to see hit the Xbox One too, and while some of them may never happen it still doesn’t hurt to dream. I’ve tried to mix it up a little with a bit of variety, as each game here brings a unique brand of gameplay to the table. Let me know if you agree or whether you think I’m totally barking up the wrong tree and these will never happen.

5. The Escapists


My first pick is a game I’ve only recently discovered, but it’s got me so excited that I just had to make a space for it on this list. The Escapists is currently in development at Mouldy Toof Studios and is set to be published by Team 17, of Worm’s fame. This pixel art PC game takes place in a prison, with the player taking control of one of the inmates. If the name didn’t already give it away, your objective is to escape from this prison by any means possible. If that means causing a riot, doing the good old prison cliché of tunnelling through walls or forming gangs – it’s totally up to you. It reminds be a bit of Prisoner of War, a Playstation 2 game where you had to escape from German POW camps. You had to work your escape around the schedules of the camp, so if you weren’t in a certain place at a certain time the camp would be put on high alert. The Escapists will follow a similar path by the sounds of it.

How likely is it to come to Xbox One? Given that the PC version is still in the very early stages of testing I can’t see it happening anytime soon. However, with a big team like Team 17 on publishing duties it does make it at least a somewhat likely prospect.

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