3. Gone Home


There’s been a big trend for games that place a heavy focus on narrative and storytelling rather than actual gameplay lately. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit bored of shooting guns in games that profess to tell ‘great stories’, so something like Gone Home is a welcome relief. It puts you in the shoes of a young woman who has returned home from travelling abroad. Unfortunately her entire family have vanished, so it’s up to you to progress through the story by searching the home for clues on where they’ve gone. The level of detail around the house is astounding; drawers can be opened, papers rifled through and novels examined. Set in 1995, it also includes various nods to the pop culture of the time, while the story is realistic and deeply engaging.

How likely is it to come to Xbox One? Developers The Fullbright Company have already said that they intend to bring the game to consoles, but they’ve not yet decided which platform to bring it to. Watch this space.

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    I can’t believe you missed out Goat Simulator!!! lol :-(