1. Don’t Starve


I’ve been playing Don’t Starve on my Playstation 4, so while I’m not too bothered about it coming to Xbox One, I still think people who only own an Xbox One should get to experience it. It’s a charming cartoon-style survival-based exploration game with roguelike elements; the latter meaning that once you die, you’re dead for good. Each map is randomly generated so you never know exactly what you’re going to be up against, although you can tailor the experience somewhat with various options. The trick is to quickly get a base set up and establish a good source of food while avoiding beasts, but you also need to remember that the night brings terrors of its own and your sanity levels need to be constantly nurtured by staying out of the dark. The more days you survive, the harder it gets, but you never feel like your death was the games fault, just you for being a bit over-confident.

How likely is it to come to Xbox One? Unfortunately it’s looking like Don’t Starve may remain console exclusive to Playstation 4, but never say never! Now excuse me while I go and quietly weep in a corner.

So there we have it! The top five indie games we’d love to see on the Xbox One. Although many of them look very unlikely to appear on there, we can still hope and keep our fingers crossed for some sort of Xbox One miracle.

Feel free to let us know in the comments below of your indie game selections.

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    I can’t believe you missed out Goat Simulator!!! lol :-(