It’s been a very successful six months for Xbox, we’ve seen some great titles release and we have even more huge titles coming soon such as Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, Far Cry 4 and The Division, EA’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & Destiny.  We’re here now to celebrate the best retail games that are already available, if you don’t own any of these titles then make sure you pick them up.  Let’s get on with the list.

5. Battlefield 4


Battlefield is arguably the most realistic war game available for consoles, its PC counterpart if one of the most played FPS titles online and it’s easy to see why, it offers a better campaign than its predecessors and a 64 player online modes which can only be described as hectic.  Battlefield has it all, guns, launchers, tanks, AA-guns, helicopters and planes, if that doesn’t do it for you than I recommend picking up a Tamagotchi and playing that instead.

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