Yesterday I wrote a top 5 feature on the best video games currently available for the Xbox One, today I want to highlight the best upcoming games, well from my perspective anyway.  Writing a top 5 is no easy feat, they aren’t always to everyone’s tastes and this top 5 will be no different, a few key titles are missing from the list such as Watch_Dogs but as that is due out next week I kind of want to put more empathise on titles that are likely to feature quite heavily at this years E3 conference.  Anyway, enough chat, on with the list.

5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Being perfectly honest, this entry is for you readers, that and the fact this is the first Call of Duty that has been in development for more than two years.  I’m actually mildly excited about this Call of Duty, more so than the past several titles in the franchise.  The idea of the future with exo-skeleton suits really pays homage to one of my favourite sci-fi films; Elysium, and I believe this will make for a fantastic campaign story but I don’t see how it will fit into multiplayer, not that I’ll invest much time into the multiplayer side of things much like the previous several titles, I could but proved wrong though.

  • NoQuantumBreak?

    I really can’t believe this ! Quantum Break is what made me got Xbox One, and it’s possibly the best Xbox One exclusive ever for being new IP, innovative with unique story ! I can guarantee you no one can write great stories like Sam Lake do, not even Dan Houser.

    And now Quantum Break is not even in the list ?!

  • Nurotic

    This title was a little misleading because when I think top 5 Xbox One games I generally assume you mean Xbox One only. This is basically just a list of games you’re excited about and Halo… Honestly a pretty crappy article. You sir, failed like a gaming article noob and I unfortunately fell for it.