[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]elcome to the all new Xboxer.  Last year after the announcement of the Xbox One we decided we needed to get a new domain name as the name Xboxer360 is only really relevant to the Xbox 360, we purchased XboxerOne.com and after a long battle we finally managed to purchase Xboxer.co.uk.  The original plan was to move to Xboxer.co.uk in November but due to work commitments it left us unable to pursue that, shortly after that time window Xboxer closed it’s doors, albeit only, temporarily.  The collapse was due to a number of factors which we won’t divulge in but the main factor was time, the core team had very little time to dedicate to the site and alongside that we, sort of, lost our way with how we wanted to site to go.

We’re back now with a smaller, more dedicated, team and our mission is simple, offer unique content that had gamers in mind.  We found ourselves trying to be something we were not, we’re not a huge site like IGN, Eurogamer or Polygon, to put it quite simply, we’re Xboxer.  Our main goal now is to cater for you, the loyal reader.  Our aim is to provide content that you want to read, we know you like our content because you’re here now and we want you to be able to digest the information in the way you see fit, we’re not going to try and dazzle you with big words and clichés.

With all of that in mind it was clear to us that the old design was befitting for what we needed so we went back to the drawing board and this is what we come up with.

Responsive Design

We wanted to make sure that our readers could view the site on whatever device they felt comfortable with, so now Xboxer is 100% responsive and works fluidly on every device (we still haven’t cracked the Nokia 3210, though.).  We don’t want you to mess around, downloading apps and such just to view the site on your smartphone so now the design will automatically fit the device that you use without compromising the style and design.  Obviously the best way to view Xboxer is on a PC/Mac with a widescreen but now the choice is 100% yours.


Although we still liked our previous homepage layout, we felt that we needed to be more “next-gen” and with that in mind we have created a homepage that’s fitting to the generation we’re in now.  With a “don’t call it Metro” metro style featured content area at the top, a menu that follows you around the site and thumbnails that highlight the content that you want to view, we feel that we’ve hit the nail on the head.  We know there is a lot more content on our homepage now but we wanted it to feel more like a portal, finding exactly what you need quickly.


I previously mentioned that the menu follows you around the page, this is because we hate scrolling as much as you do so now matter where you are, you can navigate to anywhere on the site from exactly where you are.  The menus themselves can also directly take you to our latest content with the help of the handy sliders.  We’ve simplified the way you navigate the site too, anyone that can remember our old menu on Xboxer360.com will know that it was over-complicated, you now have 3 main menu items, News, Reviews and Features.  At certain periods of time new menu items will appear such as “E3 2014″ making sure you can access the content you want without any problems.


We’ve changed the review system completely in the back-end, currently a lot of the reviews don’t display a score, this is due to having to manually add the scores via our new review system, we will eventually have every review updated, it’s just going to take some time as we have over 600 reviews on here.

We’ve also enabled reviews to allow user scores, this means that you can also add your own scores to the games we review, whether you agree with the score or not, we want you to have your say.

+Much, much more

We’ve made so many improvements that it’s hard to list all of them, we’ve also got a ton of stuff to show you in the future so keep your eyes peeled to Xboxer.

The sites broken?

We’ve tested, re-tested and then tested some more but it’s impossible to catch everything, if you find a bug or issue with the site then please get in touch with us so we can correct the issue.

So that’s it for now, thanks for coming back to see us on our relaunch, or if you haven’t seen us before then welcome, we hope to see you around soon :) Oh yeah, don’t forget to enter our relaunch competition.



About The Author


Designer by day, gamer by night. Dave is the founder of Xboxer and also a proud father of one, when he's not chasing his daughter around he's probably racking up kills on Titanfall or seeking deals on Mountain Dew.

  • http://www.thisisxbox.com/ Jason

    ;) I saw the site on my sisters ipad – looks great on tablets too

    • http://www.xboxer360.com/ Dave Burns

      Cheers mate :)