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Peggle is probably one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played, I have been mocked by many for playing a game that’s littered with unicorns and rainbows but each person that has mocked me and then played a game have also been warped into the blissful surroundings of Peggle.  When news landed at last years E3 that Peggle 2 was being created everyone got a little bit excited, including myself.

Peggle 2 is the perfect game to play with a non-gaming partner, take my wife for instance, she isn’t a gamer, in fact she pretty much hates video games because I love them so much, when I told her that Peggle 2 was coming out she got excited almost as much as me, it gave us the chance to spend some time together, we had fun and I’m going to tell you why.

Peggle 2 doesn’t push the boundaries on its predecessor, in fact barely much has changed apart from adding in new characters and challenges but the saying goes “If it isn’t broken then why fix it?” and that quote certainly suits this title. Popcap knew they were on to a winner so why bother changing a formula that worked so well the first time around? It’s still as fun as before, it’s still as enjoyable and it’s still as frustrating but the satisfaction you get from completing a complex challenge is immense, take my wife again, you know it’s rewarding when you partner shouts out “Yeah! take that mother f*****” after completing a puzzle that has taken an hour to beat.

See Peggle is a game that doesn’t need to progress much to still impress players so Pop Cap have gone back and removed characters that we had in the first Peggle title, apart from Bjorn but everyone loves Bjorn.  The game has introduced 4 new characters that each have a realm of 10 levels + 10 challenges. There are six realms in total making 120 levels to battle through.  The final realm allows you to choose any character you want to play through, each have their own strengths so you may find yourself constantly trying the levels with different characters to try to beat the puzzle.

Playing Peggle on next-gen also shows you how much the game has improved graphically, I even went back and played the first Peggle to see how well it stands up and it felt like I was playing on a SNES, goes to show how much power the new machine packs.

All-in-all Peggle 2 is a must buy for anyone that enjoyed the first title, or even if you didn’t play the first game you should still buy Peggle 2, why? Because I said so.

Peggle 2 Xbox One review
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