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I’ve never really been a massive fan of platformers, the main issue for myself has always been the lack of choice to move forward when you hit a brick wall on a level. As you progress the difficulty increases, so some levels end up as a shouting match by the time you’ve reached as far as you can get. However, Rayman Legends gives players so much choice with the levels they can tackle, so you’ll never be stuck head scratching for long because you can move on if you wish to.

Legends is a gem that stands out from other platformers available, and building upon the success from Rayman Origins in 2011 (featuring some of their levels remastered), Legends is a new refined wonder you can pick up for the Xbox One. It has charm, beauty and something for everyone. The thing with 2D platformers like this, they’re designed to make you fail on numerous occasions and make you think about how you’ll tackle an obstacle, whether that be a ledge out of reach or a large slice of cake you need to devour using your companion Murfy. There’s so much variation in the challenges presented to you as the player, that you’ll never get bored and always face a fresh challenge.

Without any complications to the storyline, it is very much kept simple. A group of ‘Teensies’ – some tiny blue big nosed  people have been kidnapped by nightmares and it’s your job to rescue them all. Each level involves you freeing these captured Teensies, but there are additional items to collect throughout levels such as Lums. To unlock new levels though you’ll need to keep rescuing these tiny blue guys in every level.

Murfy found his fellow brothers

Murfy found his fellow brothers

The first couple of levels serve merely as a tutorial to the game and to allow you to adjust to the controls you face. But after that, there’s not much repetition in level design, which is fantastic for kids or even the grown-ups among us who might find the art style and gameplay really appealing. I know for a fact that when I was younger, I used to love playing Rayman titles, especially for the challenges that were laid out in front of me for my young mind to explore and find enjoyment from.

One of the new additions to the game is Murfy, who you’ll remember from Origins. No longer is he sat on the side lines keeping score, but now he’s engaged in the gameplay within levels as he’ll accompany you in certain levels to help pull levers to unblock pathways or cut ropes to create a new route for you to take. It adds a new dynamic to levels, as there’s more to consider than just what you’re doing, but also what Murfy is doing to help you out. He can also be a burden though, such as when the action picks up and becomes fast-paced – so Murfy has its positives and negatives.

Sit back and enjoy the view on-screen

Sit back and enjoy the view on-screen

Daily and weekly challenges also continue to push players further to keep playing the game if they actually manage to finish all of the levels, which will take a while considering the sheer amount of levels and the difficulty of them to challenge you. There’s just so much content packed into Legends, that you’ll never find a lack of it. New characters to unlock and co-op mini-games like the addictive soccer mode will keep you busy for hours and without doubt fill you with joy. My only discrepancy over the co-op mode is that four players seems like too many at times, as the action on screen can be a little overbearing to keep up with.

There’s just always something to be given out by Legends, which is what makes it such an enjoyable experience as a platformer. It has a healthy balance of challenge and charm to keep you playing for hours, without too much frustration being vented at the on-screen Rayman or any of the other additional characters.

Even as a grown up, you’ll find the child-like graphics and music charming and it will always deliver a smile to you. It’s amazing how much joy a video game can bring when you’re not expecting much from it, especially if you’re like me and don’t get round to enjoying many platformers such as this.

Rayman Legends Xbox One review
Rayman Legends is the best platformer available on the Xbox One, if not the Xbox 360. It's delightful to play and most of all provides plenty of content for hours of enjoyment.
To love
  • Amazing value for wealth of content provided
  • Charming and brilliant
  • Challenging but hard to get frustrated
To dislike
  • Murfy can be a little annoying at times
  • Co-op action with four players can be overbearing
92%Overall Score
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    I loved this game! One of my favourites from 2013! Excellent platformer. The music levels were a brilliant addition! :D