If you’ve played the core game of Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014, then this will likely be an expansion you’ll want to purchase to expand your gameplay with five new decks, new challenges and new opponents.

At a small price of £3.39, what you get is a good few more hours out of the new campaign, challenges and card decks for you to play around with and try out. The price works out at just more than the cost of an in-game physical booster pack, so it’s pretty good value for money if you’re a fan of Magic 2014.


The five new challenges are just as tough as the core game’s.

Once again though, the new decks are very self-explanatory and offer more than another guidance with the description on each card. Each deck doesn’t offer too much variety, as they are archetypes of existing ones. What they do manage is to provide though, are more intriguing battles against opponents, considering you have to learn how to play with the new decks.

For myself, it was almost like starting afresh, but with the knowledge that I’ve built up about this game already, I was fairing a little better against my opponents this time in the six new campaign areas. You can then up the difficulty, by taking part in the five challenges, which left me with a lot of head scratching at times.

My only criticism would be that the expansion could have been a little bigger with more challenges and a longer set of campaign battles. The new card decks offered do run the risk of not being enough to keep fans satisfied.

If you’re a casual player of Magic 2014, then you probably don’t get too bored playing the core section of the XBLA title, but if you’re a bit more hardcore or just want some extra new cards, then buying this expansion will certainly add to that and make the game feel fresher. Plus, it’s hardly going to put a large dent in your wallet, so no harm done really.

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