For anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to catch up with the Painkiller series, rest assured that it’s one of the best ‘arena based’ first person shooters, focusing on gore, action and break neck speed. Having only just hit the Xbox 360, PC gamers have been enjoying the adventures of Heaven’s Hitman for some time now, meaning we’ve got some catching up to do on the DLC front.

Thankfully Nordic Games took it upon themselves to drop not one, but three brand new DLC packs, but with so much DLC dropping for Painkiller all at once, it’s hard to know what you’re spending all that hard-earned cash on, and if it’s at all worth it.

Well I’ve been lucky enough to go hands on with everything the DLC has to offer on top of the standard package of blood, gore, demons and destruction.

Four maps are packed into this DLC

Four maps are packed into this DLC

Having already reviewed The Clock Strikes Meatnight and Full Metal Rocket, the only DLC left is Medieval Horror which looks to deliver some more multiplayer madness along with a brand new colossal boss to face off against in survival mode and a new henchman to battle as you carve your way through.

Medieval Horror packages together four new maps, Psycho, Illuminati and Chaos which are all HD remakes of popular death arenas which up until now have been PC only, as well as one brand new map in the form of Inhumator.

Psycho is one of the older maps to receive a new lick of paint and deservedly so, looking like the hotel from The Shining with a few more secrets than just ghostly twin girls to hide, Psycho builds a brilliantly creepy atmosphere. Offering lots of wide open spaces in which to grind apart the demon hordes, perfect for those ridiculously high rounds in survival mode.

The Inhumator map is the best of the pack!

The Inhumator map is the best of the pack!

Illuminati stands in contrast to Psycho, set around the outside of a huge and expansive church which has seen better days. Illuminati is perfect for multiplayer, offering a rich mix of wide open areas and harsh corners which are perfect for lying in wait. Littered with tight corridors and a handful of vantage points dotted around, if your style is stalking your pray then Illuminati is a great map for you to enjoy the bloodshed.

Chaos is the last of the three classics in the Medieval Horror pack, set inside an overgrown complex building which plays part church, part crypt, Chaos is perfect for survival mode. With a central complex that’s both expansive and offers a 2nd floor vantage point, Chaos links a series of narrow pathways with several compact arenas giving you the choice to fend off the horde in one go, or bring them on a deadly game of chase through the near endless corridors.

Inhumator is the best of the pack though, set entirely outside a collapsed town building, there’s almost nowhere to run meaning when the hordes are after you, you’ll need to work on your kill-train skills otherwise one misstep could lead you to get caught on the sides and mobbed by the undead.

If you’ve been enjoying what Painkiller has had to offer you, then Medieval Horror is for you. It really is that simple

If you’ve been enjoying what Painkiller has had to offer you, then Medieval Horror is for you. It really is that simple

Maps aren’t the only thing on offer here though as Survival mode has been bulked out with Boss Audience which means one thing. Every boss Painkiller has to offer is back and out for blood, of course that’s along with the normal mix of demon scum you’ll have to deal with. If you’ve had your fill of survival mode and are up for a real challenge then this is what you’ve been waiting for. In celebration of this rather awesome mode, the Medieval Horror pack has thrown in a few new nasties to deal with, including the rather sneaky and uber-light on his feet Assassin Greed (yep, they went there) and the unmistakably colossal White Demon boss who looks like Sauron on steroids.

As I’ve commented before, reviewing DLC is always a tricky one, but on each occasion Nordic Games have shown that they have a clear focus on delivering the same quality you’d expect from the Painkiller series, only harder, faster and with gallons more bloodshed. My only gripe, and this is purely a selfish one, is the lack of anything new for the single player campaign. I’d love to experience more of Daniel’s story, but beyond this small misgiving, Medieval Horror is a great bundle.

If you’ve been enjoying what Painkiller has had to offer you, then Medieval Horror is for you. It really is that simple.

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