Deep Silver and Volition are clearly on a mission to make Saints Row IV the most versatile sandbox game around, already offering a slew of features from the get go, we’ve seen a number of DLC packs land to offer yet more choices and now the team behind this action adventure are back with some more for you to feast your eyes upon.

Hot off the heels of a super heroic new look, Saints Row IV is back again with some much-needed booty. Perhaps in a cheeky nod to the recent Assassins Creed entry, the Pirates Booty pack gives you the chance to dress your President of the United Saints in at the best pirate garb around. Complete with eye patch, a torn rag to adorn your crown and all the stripped spandex you could ask for!

If you want to go the whole hog, you can even add a peg leg and hook for a hand. I opted for the over the top look of two peg legs and two hooks, no one could ever accuse my character of looking dull or ‘standard’ at least eh?

Considering the previous DLC pack contained five costumes, it’s a bit of a shame that the pirates booty pack comes across as having been plundered already, only offering essentially one look for the boys and girls of Steelport but all is made better when you get your hands on the Scallywagon.

A giant pirate-ship on wheels is everything a scurvy cur could ever ask for, loaded with all the bells and whistles along with a crow’s nest for your best homie to nestle in to before battle and a fully loaded cannon (no cannonballs this time however, just some rockets)

Riding around town and wreaking havoc in your very own rolling boat is worth the price of admission alone, rivalling the GatMobile and perhaps even Professor Genkis rather infamous Manapult.

On top of a fresh makeover for yourself and a brand new whip, the Pirates Booty pack also delivers a rather beefy and awesome looking flintlock pistol and rifle, perfect for taking out those pesky aliens instead of forcing them to walk the plank (what’s the point if there aren’t any sharks eh?)

Overall the pirates booty pack is a great piece of DLC, sure it doesn’t offer you as many costume changes as previous entries but with an imposing and über cool pirate ship on wheels along with the ability to make your saint into a creature who is quite simply more hook and peg than man, then this is one mighty fine addition to Steelport.


Review - Saints Row IV: Pirates Booty DLC
Arrr me mateys
  • Who can resist a decent peg leg, lure your enemies into a false sense of security!
  • Flintlock weapons are a blast!
Walk the plank
  • Really only one extra costume
90%Overall Score
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