Following on from my time with much of Tritton’s official Xbox 360 headsets, I finally worked my way up to the big one. The Warhead, Tritton’s current jewel of its crown, boasting titles such as the only fully wireless headset and powered by Dolby to deliver true 7.1 surround sound.

Knowing all of this, did the Warhead live up to the hype? Is it really worth the fairly hefty price tag placed on it?

After staring in awe at what lied in front of me I eagerly tore open the packaging to get my mitts on the Warhead and was greeted by two things, firstly they’re big, really big! Following suit with the rest of the range, the Warhead has the same angular and modern look only this time around they are built to be much sturdier and affording so much more comfort with a lot of big padding around the earcups and headband, again all in the faux leather I’ve come to expect from the Tritton range, but while big they’re in no way off-putting. The second thing my eyes greedily soaked up was a rather large black pyramid, which was to set up home next to my Xbox. This hub has many duties to provide any lucky owner of the headset, serving as a stand for the headset when its  not in use, as well as charging the spare battery and displaying sound settings and battery life, all while still maintaing the main task of sending gorgeous sounds straight to your ears.

Set up was by far the easiest out of the whole range, simply plug the optical audio cable into your 360 and the Warheads mains adapter into the power socket and your away (the Mic can be attached or detached at will leaving you the choice as to whats best for how you’ll be playing) smooth as you like! I do love a quick getaway!

I had no issues at all with connection during my stint with the Warhead, no drop-outs and I could comfortably walk around the whole of my living room right through to the back of my kitchen without any problems, thankfully the issue of constant synching that the Primers suffered from is no longer an issue. The Warheads also come with a spare battery which slots neatly into the wireless hub, leaving it to charge at all times meaning when your headset inevitably runs out of battery simply pop the old battery into the hub and you’ve got your spare ready to go leaving you to lose mere seconds of gaming times rather than missing a whole session. A great idea, executed brilliantly.

Features wise the Warhead houses an impressive set of features, albeit many seen in the much cheaper Detonators but brilliant to see them none the less, both game and speech volumes are controlled by a switch on either earpad with voice monitoring back on the menu allowing you to hear your own dulcet tones as you play. The biggest new feature however is the EQ switch, pressing this little button allows you to flit your soundscapes from game to movie or music mode (which your trusty little base will reflect in its rather tidy little display) which is a nifty idea indeed, especially when you consider the audio settings for a heavy Gears of War session really wont suit that moment when you decide to watch Twilight The Dark Knight.

Sound is after all the important thing so this simple idea really makes such a big difference, pushing the Warhead from just a gaming headset to being part of your personal media centre, I’ve been hooked into using them for everything (yes even Eastenders, who doesn’t want to hear a catfight from the eastend in 7.1?)  so how does the sound quality stand up to other members of the Tritton family? Well in all truth, it blows them out of the water! while only packing a pair Neodymium 50mm speakers, with the aid of Dolby 7.1 surround, the sound is brilliant with crisp and clear audio, rich highs, smooth mids and booming bass delivering a great overall tone.

The Warhead isn’t just a neat little headset, it truly is a game changer, I found myself enjoying every aspect of many game soundtracks because the Warhead made it that much more immersive. Tritton seemed to have combined the best features of its whole range while finding the time to wedge in a few more to boot, all aimed at freeing you to up enjoy your Xbox 360 rather than worry about batteries, cables and all the other little things.

If you’re a huge gaming addict, then don’t think twice on these, just pop them on your noggin and get going, you’ve already wasted so much time without them!

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  • Kyle

    These look pretty amazing. I’m not sure about the price but they seem pretty worth it. The battery swap feature seems well worth it. Might give these a try.

  • james

    they are a realy good headset but the only problems that i have had with the headset is the mic they are made very ceaply and break easy i wish triton would do like what turtle beaches did with the permently connected mic no the the romoveable mic sucks so bad all the rest is great sound quality is amazing