It seems Vin Diesel has his fingers in all the pies lately, one of which includes Wheelman. In terms of the games story the official line is: An undercover operative and highly skilled driver must infiltrate the criminal underworld of Barcelona to gather information about a covert heist. Posing as a driver for hire, Milo must raise the tension between the bitter rival city gangs whilst staying one step ahead of the local law enforcement. However I think its safe to say that the basically empty storyline leaves you wandering from mission to mission with absolutely no real direction.


The graphics aren’t anything to leap around and cheer about; in fact I’d go as far as to say they are outdated and clumsy. From a distance the environment looks pleasant however under any sort of close quarter viewing you can see just how little effort was made in this area. When you take a look at the characters its difficult to understand exactly what was going on in development, admittedly some of the characters look decent yet others are vividly coloured, choppy and just plain odd.



What is there to say about the sound? It is what it is, there’s plenty of bashing and crashing the voice acting is good but in respect to the musical aspect there isn’t much going on, no memorable jingles or intense tracks for those fast paced action moments.


Without a doubt the controls are awkward! At so many points I just felt the need for a third hand to make so many moves flow much easier but nothing appeared to aid my plight. The right thumbstick is used to pull of the insane slams and boosts which means that controlling the camera angles in game is limited and relatively impossible.


The game feels like some sort of Arcade classic and I’d leave that to you to decide whether that’s a pro or a con. Its great to see that more has been added to this driving shoot em’ up in terms of destroying your opposition, you can pull of slow motion moves, insane slams and rather magnificent air-jacking moves. For those of you that played the Driver series, this is the next level, and I use that term lightly because its more of a next hop; it doesn’t make it very far and falls flat quickly. Of the 30+ missions there are a handful of on foot additions and quite frankly they add a moment to escape from the rather drab and repetitive gameplay. If you pick up this game I’d recommend that you stick with the side missions, one again they are not very original but they are the sorts of things you see in other driving games that will at least entertain you for a few hours.



When I played through this game I couldn’t help but feel like the developers had been lazy, making no real effort to make the game stand out or even to build on what was already there. This is probably a reckless and idiotic mistake because in a sea of driving games this will almost certainly sink straight to the bottom with no hope of redemption.

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    Don’t ask me why but I didn’t think this would get scored very highly.