Capcom are a fascinating studio, they never seem to take themselves seriously which makes them so god-damn refreshing. They started their next-gen love affair with Dead Rising 3, and I for one thought it was brilliant – granted I’m a tad biased as I’ve been a fan of Capcom since I first picked up Street Fighter 2 on the SNES – but for no-holds-barred fun, Dead Rising 3 delighted me. The game was brilliantly tongue-in-cheek and it was a refreshing change amidst all the launch titles that were going for the gamers jugular with their serious story arcs and super detailed graphics. Dead Rising 3 in my opinion had it all, an open-world environment, character development and a story arc that was so off the wall it was genius. Throw in the multiplayer elements and a few ‘Super-massager’ guns and we had ourselves a winner.

Then this year’s E3 saw them do a ‘Marty McFly’ of sorts and go back in time & it appeared to be another masterstroke of insanity, one that certainly had my own nostalgia senses tingling with anticipation. Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex Plus Alpha, a freshly ironic mouthful of a title, begins with classic 16 bit graphics to the tune of the familiar Street Fighter soundtrack and the classic arcade character select screen. This is without a doubt Capcom poking innocent fun at themselves and the many derivatives of games they seem to churn out.

To begin with you have the choice of 4 familiar protagonists from the franchise each possessing their own signature moves; the remaining 16 characters are costumes of some of Capcom’s finest, and these are unlocked by achieving in-game milestones through replays of the game. The structure of the game is broken down into 4 levels, each one a district of Los Perdidos which is then split up into 5 stages. One thing that was noticeable as you progressed from one stage to another was there was no real tie to the main game, other than to kill zombies in outrageous style. This doesn’t make the DLC any less entertaining, but for some of the non-hardcore fans of the series it might not be seen as money well spent.

Moving on to the play mechanics and in true arcade style if you get downed you have the ability to revive and continue for a price, fail to complete the stages objectives however and it’s ‘hasta la vista baby’. All your hard work goes down the proverbial coin slot and you have to deposit your pride and start the stage all over again. This can be quite tedious especially if you’re on the last stage of a level and you hear the frustration fuelling `Time Up’ but then that is arcade gaming at its most raw and truest form. Once you have established your character of choice, regrettably there isn’t the development that there is in the main game, and one thing that did eventually start to wear thin was the repeated use of character phrases every time you use one of the 4 action buttons. Believe me, when there are a large amount of enemies appearing on screen; turn the sound off the TV and bosh on Spotify or your brain/ears/sanity will quite literally melt.

While traversing the zombie infested streets, you will eventually notice that the game has had a new texture overhaul and it looks excellent, it adds more of the colourful arcade dimension to the very detailed world Capcom created for Dead Rising 3, the soundtrack is also brilliant and will certainly spark your nostalgia.

The duration of the game warrants the price tag, though there is some replayability if you would like to play with all of Capcom’s finest, I know personally I will be delving back in to Los Perdidos, especially to Hadouken some undead foes. Though in retrospect, I would have liked to see a change in the gaming mechanics. This isn’t a dig at Capcom directly as overall the game does play well and is a giggle, but I would like to have seen the clunky movement of the characters tweaked to allow a smoother and more fluid movement.

For anyone who has an affinity with the early 90’s arcade era you will love the aesthetics and the overall vibe of the game. All the little Easter eggs are there for you to coo over and the multiplayer & replayability also help add some substance to what some people may find is just an attempt at skimming money.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex Plus Alpha Review
The good
  • Value for money
  • Brimming with nostalgia
  • Fun multiplayer
The bad
  • Annoying, repetitive player sound effects
  • Can be frustrating on single player
  • Sometimes clunky movement mechanics
70%Overall Score
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