Batman: Arkham Origins is beginning to gain some serious buzz around it, as one of the expected popular games out this year. Well, we have some new details for you.

At this year’s Comic Con, the developers behind Batman’s beginning have already revealed that the assassin/contortionist Copperhead would play a role in the title and now it seems the team have more to show, revealing two brand new character skins for the caped crusader. Batman One Million, which looks a much cleaner and futurist bats and Worst Nightmare Batman, who looks like (as the name suggests) something you’d never want to meet down a dark alley one night.

While nobody has said anything about how the One Million skin would be unlocked in Arkham Origins, WB Games Montreal’s Eric Holmes told eager fans that Worst Nightmare will only be available to “absolute masters” of the game. The Worst Nightmare skin will be unlocked when players have “drained the game” of content and unlocked all of its achievements.

While discussing the new skins, one fan asked about the possibility of Robin and Batgirl making an appearance in the game to which Holmes explained that while Origins takes place before Robin exists, fans would have to play the game to see if and how Batgirl is portrayed.

So good news on the costume front, with the game already offering more than four trendy looks for the dark knight, and on top of that it looks as if we could be seeing Batgirl, at least in her initial form!

Check out the costumes below and let us know what you think.

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