In just a few months Splinter Cell Blacklist will be hitting our consoles, with a fresh voice, fresh face and a fresh lick of paint, it’s shaping up to be one of the bigger titles this year. If you’re getting excited for Sam Fisher’s return, then today we have some good news, as Ubisoft have released a trailer detailing co-op in Blacklist.

Taking a leaf from the book of Dead Space 3, co-op gives those of you who will have completed the single player campaign a chance to do so again but with brand new content which you can only obtain through teamwork

“Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist offers two player co-op mode with 4 mission types, 14 maps with 2 player split screen. Play as Sam Fisher or Isaac Briggs (a CIA operative) and work as a duo. Help your teammate access parts of the map you couldn’t access on your own, create your own tactics depending on your play style and watch each other’s backs as you complete missions”

It all sounds good to me, after all, there’s no I in team. Check out the trailer below to see Fisher and Briggs in action.

YouTube Preview Image


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