Ubisoft has moved on from Rainbow Six: Patriots after cancelling the project, instead it revealed a new title called Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One.

Talking about the decision to can Patriots, brand director Alexandre Remy told Polygon:

“The main decision was some months after Patriots was announced in 2011 that was the first moment we knew the first generation of new consoles were coming.

“So obviously at that moment and for a franchise such as Rainbow we needed to decide if we could make something for next-gen and we were already pretty advanced in the development of Patriots.”

The decision was a strategic one, but now they have the chance to concentrate on a next-gen Rainbow Six title.

During a demo of the game, we were shown a 5 vs 5 competitive multiplayer mode, in which teams fight for control of a hostage in a fortified building. Each game is thought to last around three minutes, which seems pretty shot, but we imagine there will be other game modes to play such as Team Deathmatch.

In development at Ubisoft Montreal, the game will also use Assassin’s Creed’s Scimitar engine, allowing destructible environments such as walls and doors through the use of new technology called Blast Tech.

Check out the footage above from the conference.

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