Epic Games’ Chief Technology adviser Tim Sweeney told Games Industry that the cost of developing a game at the start of the next gen will be double what it cost when the Xbox 360 first came out.

Refering to his time while working on the Unreal Engine tech demo, ‘The Samaritan” said he was enthusiastic about the end result, but “worried” over the cost, as it took 30 people four months to create that 3-minute video, which as Sweeny puts it, isn’t at all sustainable in the long run.

What this could mean in the long run is anyone’s guess; the article goes on to say that Epic are offsetting the cost with “improved production efficiency”, which is all well and good when the console has been out for a few years, but what about at the launch? If games are to compete, are they going to have to put in ridiculous hours and money behind it? Or, as Michael Pachter predicted, are the prices of games going up?

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