Killer Instinct has easily been one of the most surprising and highly exciting exclusive to come out of the Xbox One reveal. One of the greatest and most loved fighting games finally gets the sequel it deserves, who wouldn’t love that!

Being handled by the young studio Double Helix as opposed to IP owners Rare, the game has such promise but left many uneasy. Was it going to be any good?

Well I’m here to tell you that yes it’s good. In fact it isn’t just good, it’s one of the most exciting and refreshing fighting games I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on in some time. I’ve been a fan of the series since I first played it way back on the SNES and like many had my reservations but Double Helix have pulled this one out of the bag and definitely done good.

Visually Killer Instinct looks simply stunning, with rich colours and a mature cell shaded style, every movement glides across the screen with beauty. Each of the characters I could get hands on with, which included Chief Thunder, Glacius, Sabrewulf and Jago, looked fantastic with a fresh design fitting for 2013 but obviously it’s not all about looks.

Sure style goes a long way but it isn’t everything, thankfully Double Helix have worked hard and created a fighter that feels solid and completely accessible while sacrificing nothing in the combo cabinet.

Working with your rather archetypal Street Fighter system (for beginners at least) you could happily choose a mid ranged character and put up a good fight with the best of them, pulling off ‘CCCCCCOMBO BREAKERS’ left, right and centre and if you choose to let your fighter off his chain then combos run smoothly, leaving you feeling in complete control over just how hard and fast you want to nail your opponent to the wall.

As you would expect, each fighter has two health bars which help to keep the combat flowing by ruling out the stop and start of each round and replacing it with a simple break once you’ve drained your opponent of their first bar. Ultra combos make a welcome return, and all I can say is they look and feel impressive.

A nice challenge presented by Killer Instinct was surprisingly the character selection, each offering a different range of attacks from short to long, with short-range characters such as Chief Thunder requiring a lot more skill and tact to bring a victory.

Overall Killer Instinct was glorious to play, I can see it being one of the most popular fighters around for some years to come, not only because of its great roster of characters and slick visuals but the sheer fun to be had with a group of friends.

Killer Instinct is back, and Double Helix have done a great job, landing a KO!

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