As I queued deep in the depths of Earls Court there was only one game on my mind, Titanfall and thanks to Activison’s Call of Duty promotion, I slipped upstairs to a small queue and in to a presentation about what we were about to play and how everything worked, it was a great idea to help build up the excitement before playing the game, before we knew it, we sat at our station and given time to prepare ourselves.

For those of you that don’t know, Titanfall is a first person shooter by the co-creators of Call of Duty and the first game from Respawn Entertainment – which has been founded and staffed by much of the senior team from Infinity Ward. It borrows a great deal from Call of Duty but is set in the future, where elite soldiers fight on both foot and with Titans.

Unlike Call of Duty there is no single player campaign; instead there is ‘campaign multiplayer. In our time with the game it wasn’t completely clear how it would all pan out, though it was clear that the mission in this game was very ‘Team Deathmatch’ in style, points are scored for killing soldiers controlled by players, titans and AI enemies.

In the demo there are three class types for both soldiers and titans, all armed with a standard revolver, anti-Titan weapon and a class specific weapon: a machinegun in the case of the Assault type, an auto-targeting smart pistol for the Tactical, and a shotgun for those who like to get up close.

The titans are impressive, with rockets launchers capable of firing four rockets at time, or huge machine guns that can mow down rows of enemies. Each Titan also has an emergency supply of unguided rockets and a special ability. The MBT can catch bullets and rockets in a magnetic field and thrown them back at their sender, while the other two can deploy smoke screens with the high explosive version causing electrical damage.

At first you might think that soldiers would have no chance against titans, but these are no ordinary soldiers, they have the ability to double jump and use jets to help them reach places normal people couldn’t, stairs are a thing of the past in this game! Armed with anti-titan guns they can be just as powerful as their 50 foot counterparts.

Each team starts with one titan but more become available as the game goes on, the action is pretty intense and there is constant radio chatter that gives a real feeling of immersion to the game. When you do finally get a chance to call in a Titan it’s brilliant, they are quite agile and very powerful, there is a small window of opportunity to eject if your titan is about to explode but you are an easy target while in the air.

What I loved about the match we played was the epilogue, as you win or lose a match (which we won) you have to stop the other team from escaping the area via a drop ship, with a huge reward for whichever team was successful.

The game looks incredible and felt well polished, I must admit I even guess what IW might have up their sleeves especially as there is still a while to go before Titanfall releases.

If you can handle the massive queues at Eurogamer, get yourself a game of Titanfall, you won’t be disappointed.

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