Details for one of the levels in Treyarch‘s 2010 iteration in the Call of Duty franchise have been leaked via the American newspaper USA Today’s games blog.

Set in 1968, the level sees you ordering a squad of four soldiers past an enemy convoy in the Ural Mountains in Russia – with the viewpoint likened to that of the AC-130 gunship in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The next section takes place on the ground, with you controlling one of the four soldiers you guided from the air as you infiltrate a Russian radar station and snipe your enemies from a distance with a scoped crossbow. Treyarch have added an interesting aspect to Call of Duty: Black Ops in the form of ammo you can change on the fly – the example given in the paper details the player swapping out the standard arrow tip for an explosive one.

4-Player co-op has also been confirmed via USA Today’s interview with Mark Lamia (Head of Treyarch) – with the mode apparently taking you beyond the single-player story. The studio has been consulting with veterans of the Vietnam war for inspiration for the game – presumably to make the experience as realistic as possible – including a member of the CIA black-ops Studies and Observations Group, and a former Russian special forces soldier, with the modified crossbow being just one result of the information gleaned from these sources.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released on the 9th of November 2010.

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  • Z Ro

    horrible idea…infinity ward has constantly made better games than treyarch

  • Shad0w

    Dude Shut up MW2 was the worst call of duty game ever ur probably just a noob who takes advantage of the noob gear Treyarch has been the leader of cod matter of fact they started it RETARD!!!!

  • Thomas Mulrooney

    Shad0w, actually Infinity Ward started the Call of Duty franchise back on the PC. You should probably get your facts straight in future.

  • Shad0w the Idi0t

    Ya shadow your pretty much a moron Call of Duty was made by Activision, United Offensive was made by Treyarch along with Call of Duty 3, and World at War……. OH WAIT all of those games are awful……….. The only thing that made World at War playable was the zombies… BUT HEY I guess when you know your game is pure garbage you gotta try something to make it better.

    • dark

      nnoo its the best game stupid

  • Shad0w the Idi0t

    Infinity Ward**** NOT Activision :) my BAD!

  • MW2 sucks

    the only good game that infinity ward made was MW1, MW2 was freaking terrible world at war was better with everything sniping,knifing,and everything else in general. MW2 was the absolut worse multiplayer game ever

    • MW2>WaW

      You're dumb knifing in WaW is horrible, and the sighting is horribly off

  • ps3gamer

    uh guys infinity ward made CoD1, CoD2, CoD4 and CoD6…..treyarch only made CoD3, CoD5 and expansions for CoD2 (and soon to have CoD7 :)……. get your facts strait before you post…. and by the way if modern warfare2 was such a failure then why was it game of the year and why are people always playing it and not your precous WaW…….

  • Achea Shadow

    I think WaW's saving grace was Nazi Zombies.

  • bomber

    yess it was

  • jake gilberto

    everyone shut up mw2 rocked and every call of duty rocked all of u are fags

    • Shawn

      I absolutely agree, minus the boosting, and noob tubing, I love the gameplay and mecahnics of mw2, I own Black ops, played only 8 hours, skipped the single player and have some opinions. m-16 is terribly underpowerful, that used to be my sh*. This is due to the improved reality that bullets trail over distance, and yet i've hit people with two triple bursts with hardened on and still no kill. hope a patch improves my m-16, boosting is a thing of the past, and no tac nuke, thank god, tubes are easy first round upgrades, :(, but I have used them for quick cash so I cant judge. No commando, another :(, m-16 trails slow at close range, so no commando to augment it's lack of close quarters efficiency saddens me, Black ops is very realistic versus mw2, but loses some gratification points when you burn to death in two seconds from a short spray from a flamethrower. just a new set of noob gear to work against. but a great game, still partial to mw2 but maybe it's just learning the new mechanics and implementing them. Hats off to the developer, i'm having fun.

  • Daniel

    ALL call of duty's bring most of us a vary of hours of fun, be it waw zombies or mw2 spec op! all there games are different both different time, different place, different style, personal i very much enjoyed mw1 it was new and a fresh scene to 1st person shooter be it the guns and the maps, and waw was not far from a great game with good maps and a different perspective to multiplayer as i found the game play signifcatly slower but lasted longer!

  • Daniel

    comment cont! All both had rather annoying killstreaks but both deserved there moment in glory as good shoot'em ups! now modern warfare 2 was yet again fantastic at the begining but grow tired and almost boring with camping, noob tubes what not, but doesnt all call of dutys? we all say are that cod was bad after 2-3months of non-stop playing!? I most certaintly did and i was yet hyped on its realese! BUT this new call of duty black ops looks like it has set the bar that bit higher taking the good things from the previous 3 cods! all it may have picked up some bad ones to.

  • Daniel

    comment cont 2! But i will enjoy bashing call of duty 7 for the months to come a-companied by halo reach! i must say black ops looks to technical and they have tried to hard like the way infanty ward did with mw2 and it may lose its credabilty online and become dull and boring but hay atleast they all have one big thing in common fantastic story lines and great campaign missions! So stop your arguing about who made the better version what not because at the end of the day, the gaming indestury are pushing the limits in games designs, mechanics allowing newer games to be better and do different and wonderful things that it prediser couldnt! prime example halo3-reach! and before any flames about halo saying its lame or odst was a waste, odst was a link to explain reach that little bit more and not entended to be a amazement but a little taste of whats to come! ever way cod 7 will be good but for me game of the year and decade will be halo reach!

  • Bobby

    I think that its all a good idea to entertain us, so they are doing the right thing. So stop moaning and get the game!

  • http://damo 1othprestigeoneverthin

    i think blackops is awsome do u add me on ps3 xjamie_boii

    ok ppz add me got all cods i can do all hacks 4 cods ok pepole

    i love u chloe birch xxxxxx

  • cod GOD

    fuck halo an gears…… Call of duty nuff said

  • Sean

    Cod MW2 was pretty cool, but in my opinion the Cod that actually got me hooked on the whole thing is the best. That would be Cod 3, they just don't make games like this one anymore.

  • umm

    guys get outside

    • ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼

      And why are you trolling on something that leaks Black Ops level details if you're telling us to go outside, hmm….

      • Jacoby

        How'd you do that with your name???

  • collossus gamer

    i loved the dogs on hardcore they used to rape the campers. The SVT rifle was miles better than the G3 or FAL. Oh and mw2 had the worst respawns ever.
    I gained a kill ratio of over 2.0 on mw1, mw2 and WaW! In all they are all great games to say the least and ACTIVISION raised the bar massively on FPS games. But painpill, commando, thermal scopes and heartbeat sensors are all gay!

    • ♦~D~♦

      Heartbeat sensors ruled if you knew just how to use them, although regular soldiers themselves wouldn't carry them, taking away from the reality of it

  • no idea

    i dont play these games but i didn't realize when i bought it for my boyfriend online on the 9th it was the first day it was out!! =) he loves it…although i feel bad that he is not studying as much because of it….
    anyways he says its amazing and he loves it…so im happy =)

  • Why argue

    Can we all just agree… that it's better than playing pong 9 hours a day!?!?!?!

  • zzzirGrizz

    WaW was awsome man.

    • IIJerichoII

      F YEAH!!!!

  • BOB

    Everybody just enjoy a, any friggin game! COD 1 thru COD 7, Halo, Gears, whatever! Just shut up and play!

  • xxps3xx

    Great answer BOB!!