GAME have announced that the next title to get the ‘lock-in’ treatment will be Tomb Raider.

Attendees will get some hands-on time with the title ahead of its UK launch on March 5th.

The retailer has also revealed a GAME Exclusive Edition of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It will include additional in-game content including a Challenge Tomb and climbing upgrade.

Here’s the full list of lock-ins:

· February 25th, 18.30 – Croydon
· February 25th, 18.00 – Hull Prospect
· February 26th, 18.00 – Leeds Headrow Centre
· February 26th, 20.00 – Milton Keynes
· February 27th, 18.00 – Norwich
· February 27th, 18.00 – Poole
· February 28th, 18.00 – Coventry
· February 28th, 21.00 – Bristol Cribbs
· March 1st, 18.00 – Pontypridd
· March 1st, 18.00 – Portsmouth

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