Throughout February GAME will hosting some special events to give fans some hands-on access to Gears of War: Judgement.

The events will offer time with the game, “goodies throughout the night”, and “COGs will be well-oiled with free food and drinks”.

To get in on the action you’ll need to register at your nearest participating store or send them a tweet to be in with a chance of being selected. Customers must be over 18 and will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here’s the list of dates and locations:

  • 3rd February 2013: Glasgow The Fort – 6.30pm
  • 4th February 2013: Teeside – 8.30pm
  • 6th February 2013: Hull Prospect Centre – 6pm
  • 9th February 2013: Manchester Arndale Centre – 8.30pm
  • 10th February 2013: Leeds Headrow Centre – 6pm
  • 13th February 2013: Sheffield Fargate – 6pm
  • 15th February 2013: Cardiff – 8.30pm
  • 16th February 2013: Nottingham (Victoria) – 6pm
  • 17th February 2013: Solihull – 5pm
  • 18th February 2013: Norwich – 6pm
  • 20th February 2013: Dudley (Merry Hill) – 9.30pm
  • 24th February 2013: Portsmouth – 5pm
  • 25th February 2013: Kingston – 6.30pm
  • 27th February 2013: Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) – 9.30pm

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