A brand new Karaoke channel has been announced for Xbox 360, which will offer a massive library consisting of over 8,000 songs.

Stingray Music USA’s Karaoke channel will collaborate with Microsoft Studios to bring the world’s largest licensed track list, including some of the golden oldies and latest hits.

It will be simple to launch and easy to sing along to the lyrics which scroll down the screen, whilst your avatar sings performs on stage with the full-on concert environment. By singing more songs and striking poses, you’ll unlock new props, fans and fun.

For those of you that are interested in how this will work – songs will be streamed, so you’re probably going to need a decent internet connection. You can queue songs via the top navigation, so you can keep annoying the neighbours continously. You can also favourite songs, if you want to find a song easier.

To sing along to songs you’re going to need an Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox Wireless Microphone or an Xbox 360 compatible USB microphone.

Karaoke will be available for Xbox 360 this holiday, which will include a couple of free sample songs. If you want full access to every single song in the library, you’ll have to use Microsoft Points to purchase blocks of time, which include 2, 6 or 24 hours.

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