Tucked away in a little corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. So, the first full week of the New Year has almost passed and it has seen 11 new releases in the Indie scene, let’s have a little look at them shall we?

Pirates Attack – Versplay Interactive

Ooh, don’t you just hate it when they do that? This is a 3D tower defence clone. Use different cannons to blow the pirates clean out of the water, the scurvy dogs. 80 MS Points

Avatar Football – Barkers Crest Studio

Touchdown! You’re the star player in this American Football title that uses your avatar. 3 vs 3 Xbox Live multiplayer mode, a full season mode and the ability to edit your own offence and defence tactics. 240 MS Points

Tank Attack 2D – Giles C

I seem to remember playing something like this way back in the days of 8-bit gaming.  Drive your tank, destroy the other tanks while taking advantage of all the power-ups on offer in this top-down shooter. 80 MS Points

The Ninjabread Men – Derf n Derf

I suppose it had to happen at some point. You are tasked with helping the ninjabread men save as a many civilians as possible in this survivalist action adventure for one player. 80 MS Points

Harvester – Dain Reinhart

Ah, harvest time. Race to harvest the most wheat before winter sets in, simple really. 80 MS Points

Kube Ball – Dream Titan

It’s an updated pong, suitable for kids. Play as one of several characters in a bid to, do that thing that pong does.  Includes online and offline multiplayer. 80 MS Points

Decoy – Mexond

A spin-off from Mexond’s earlier game, Avoider, you must master your vehicle as you become a decoy. Let the commander take you on an action-packed journey, avoiding magnetic mines, bomb planes, tanks and EMP dropping choppers. Includes the survival based Infinite mode. 80 MS Points

Ricochet – MatthewHall3d

Navigate your ball around the game-board in this physics based puzzle game for one player. 80 MS Points

Genix – Xpod Games UK

Sacrifice sumptuous graphics for addictive shooter gameplay? Oh, go on then. It’s flat but 3D, somehow. Guide your ship through the levels and take out the enemy, retro-style. 240 MS Points

The Runner – Coda Panda

A curious looking single-player platformer with furry balls. Avoid the obstacles on your way to the goal. 80 MS Points

Little Acorns – Team Pesky

As we’ve mentioned this week already, help Mr.Nibbles to feed his ever-growing family in this New Zealand Story-esque platformer that proved to be very popular on mobile platforms. May contain nuts. 80 MS Points

So, that seems to be your lot for this week, are you planning on taking the plunge with any of these? Let us know if you are below.

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