Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. So, it looks like we’ll be changing the nappies of 9 new Indie titles this week. Pass the Talc.

Avatar Tennis – Milkstone Studios SL

Oh no, you’re thinking, another avatar game, I bet it’s awful. Well, no, it looks surprisingly good, which is to be expected from Milkstone now I think. The graphics look good from the screen shots it’s just a case of whether it plays well. It’s tournament tennis, with your avatar. 80 MS Points

Alien OverKILL – CoderSystems

This slick-looking first-person shooter will have you hiding behind the sofa. The aliens look like they’ll come thick and fast and you’ll have to dispatch them with an array of weapons. Clear the spaceships of the alien horde and be back in time for tea. 80 MS Points

Reflection -Utopioneer Games 2

This looks curious. It’s a puzzler that forces you to control both yourself and your reflection. Only in controlling both can you complete the puzzles and differences in the reflected world will cause your reflection to take a different path. 80 MS Points

Avatar Physics: Running – Bwoot Games

That thing you were thinking about avatar games earlier when we introduced Avatar Tennis? That. By all accounts this is terrible. The game’s main feature is that it contains ragdoll physics. To be fair, it looks pretty pointless. 80 MS Points

2 in 1 Trivia All-stars – Party Games

This trivia game will test your knowledge of the unusual. There are classic to present-day trivia questions to earn points on. Beat your friends, even though this is only a single-player game. Prove how smart you actually are. 80 MS Points

Space Hordes – Punchline Games

The aliens are coming! The last outpost of humanity is under attack. Defend it with up to 3 of your friends in this challenging tower defence-cum-shooter. This curious mix of Galaga inspired space shooter and defence should get at least some of you interested. It looks good too. 80 MS Points

Vintage Hero – Frog The Door Games

Guide Floyd the jailer through a retro-inspired alien invasion. Defeat ‘The General’ by combining the Elementals and travelling to the invader’s mothership. This single-player platformer features a retro chip-tune soundtrack, boss fights and hordes of aliens to shoot with multiple weapons. Read our review here. 80 MS Points

Blocks and Big Robots – Maximinus

This is billed as an online robot deathmatch in a fully destructable block-based world. It’s a minecraft style robot shooter then. This will feature AI opponents, online multiplayer match-ups and offline system link matches too. 80 MS Points

Blood & Bacon – BigCorporation

Well, now. What do we have here? This is a survival horror-cum-pig-shooter. Fight up to 500 creatures at once in this first person shooter. Unlock more weapons, defeat epic and mini bosses. Can you survive 100 days and nights of blood, carnage and erm, bacon? 240 MS Points
So, some bonny releases in there this week and some good offerings in there, which one will you try?

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