“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me… Marcus Fenix with a Lancer.”

I have complained, moaned, bitched and whined, now finally someone up there in the royal palaces of Microsoft has taken pity on me and served up an outstanding selection for this month’s Games With Gold free games.

So what’s got me in a tizz?

Game Number One:

Gears of War

Yes, you read that right. It might be older than Methuselah’s dog, but the classic title is coming to you, for free, from the beginning of December. If you’ve not been fortunate enough yet to receive a shiny new Xbox One, then this might go some way to mitigating some of the pain. If you’ve never played Epic Games’ classic 3rd person shooter, then get ready for a gritty thrill ride where shooting many monsters is the order of the day…

Which neatly segues into Game Number Two:

Shoot Many Robots

So once you’ve shot enough alien scum, you might look to change things up by shooting robots instead – happily Games With Gold has you covered. Demiurge Studios’ 2D retro shooter has up to four player co-op and sees you… erm… shooting many robots in a bid to bring down an automated robot factory.

Ah, who cares about the plot? Just shoot stuff.

All these goodies mean that if you haven’t already downloaded Iron Brigade from November’s Games With Gold offer, your time is running short. The first new game goes live December 1st.


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