Since the new multiplayer Tomb Raider information we gave you yesterday broke, more details have surfaced about the make-up of these new, exciting modes.

In “Team Deathmatch”, as previously thought, you play as a team of Lara’s fellow survivors, pitted against a team of Scavengers. This will be a best of three mode with players alternating between sides. The maps will be scattered with environmental traps, climbable surfaces and low tech weapons.

“Rescue” will have you collecting medical packs and supply them to key locations around the map, while the scavengers must reach a specific kill target. Survivors will have a bleed-time which can be shortened to dead by performing a melee finish move.

The third mode is thought to be called “Cry for help”. This is thought to place more emphasis on collection and discovery, keeping the Tomb Raider theme firmly in mind.

Throughout all of these modes you can collect XP to upgrade your stats and grab more advanced characters. You can also choose from a huge array of characters and a veritable arsenal of weapons.

Tomb Raider is scheduled for release on the 5th March.

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