While the queue began to form outside of the WSCC Annex centre last night, we got a nice sneak peek at the treats waiting for fans at HaloFest.

As we reached the top floor with our hearts in our mouths as Halo style decor revealed itself, we were told some exciting news – Halo Anniversary single player will be playable in 3D! we were then shown the game running in 3D which looked absolutely stunning and certainly for me made the release of the Anniversary edition even more exciting. The presentation we saw was made even more breathtaking by the demonstration of the seamless switch between the old style graphics of Halo and the revamped graphics using the Reach engine.

Before the masses were unleashed upon HaloFest we were also able to take an uninterrupted look at the highly detailed and stunning Weta warthog, accurately recreated, life-size, and sitting proudly in the entrance to the event.

Some of Noble team were on-hand wandering around and their statues were majestically displayed about the arena. History walls, beautifully crafted Halo dioramas, artwork and some stunning displays of historic Halo merchandise are the icing on the Halo cake and that’s not to mention the Xbox stations ready and waiting for fans to play Anniversary. The event will also host several specialist panels talking about everything Halo.

For Halo fans this is going to be one event not to be missed out on.

Rich is Xboxer360’s resident Halo fan, the original game was the sole reason that he bought an Xbox and the series is responsible for his introduction to online gaming through Halo 2, spending many an evening after work playing online with friends. When the opportunity to attend HaloFest at PAX prime in Seattle arose he jumped at the chance to put his name forward, writing a short piece about his love for the series. Luckily for him he was chosen to represent Xboxer360 and the XCN websites to attend an event that any Halo fan would love to go to, but more importantly for him, to grab some hands-on time with Halo Anniversary, the game that was responsible for his love of all things Xbox!

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