Last year’s XBLA House Party promotion returns for another year on 15th February, offering four brand new titles including Alan Wake’s American Dream from Microsoft Studios.

The other three titles include Ubisoft’s I Am Alive, THQ’s Nexuiz and EA’s Warp.

American Dream is a new action/adventure, in which Alan Wake fights the evil Mr. Scratch. There’s a new storyline, creepy enemies and a new set of locations in Arizona.

I Am Alive is set one year onwards, after the world and human civilisation were mostly wiped out. One man struggles for survival in a deserted city ruin, searching for his wife and daughter in what should prove to be an emotional journey. On your way through the city you’ll find armed gangs, victims in needs and who knows what else.

THQ’s Nexuiz is an arena-based first-person shooter, which has you creating your own laws of physics in order to win against your opponent in The Nexuiz Competition.

Warp is a title for the puzzle cabinet. You play as a cute orange alien called Zero, who must escape from an underwater facility using his arsenal of abilities. Warp, frag and echo are just a few of them to name.

So it sounds like yet another exciting and brilliant line-up for XBLA’s House Party.

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  • Stefan Jarvis

    All seem interesting but the one that really interests me there is Alan Wake, can't wait!