Love Battlefield 3? So do we and that’s why we have launched 2 new servers for you all to play on, we should be adding more shortly but now for now you have your fix on our two Rush servers (Based in the EU), the first server is running standard settings with the original maps on rotation and the second is running the same rule set but with the Karkand map pack.

For more server details and up-to-date information please visit out Server Page.

If you have any requests, suggestions or thoughts on the servers please leave a comment on this post.

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Designer by day, gamer by night. Dave is the founder of Xboxer and also a proud father of one, when he's not chasing his daughter around he's probably racking up kills on Titanfall or seeking deals on Mountain Dew.

  • Jack

    Nice one! Great idea

  • icode86

    Sweeet :D