If you were brave enough to queue for Call of Ghosts then you wouldn’t have just got your hands on the Xbox One controller but also a fresh start to the Call of Duty franchise.

Much like all the games we got hands on time with at Eurogamer, our time was short but here is what we got to try out.

We played two games of the new Blitz mode, our objective was simply to get the other teams base and walk over an area which scored us a point. We played on a map called Chasm, set in an urban street that looks like it had been destroyed in an earthquake.

The games were, as expected, fast and frantic and thanks to the upgraded graphics and the awesome sounds from the guns it made for another immersive experience. Kill streaks are still there and while I spent more time scoring points rather than killing, Dave B managed to get himself in the new Juggernaught suit, with it’s unlimited sprint and heavy armour he tore through his opponents.

This will be Infinity Ward’s most important Call of Duty yet, not only do they have to get the game working across two generations, but they need to show that they haven’t run out of ideas, with Battlefield 4 out at the same time and Titanfall on everyone’s radar it’s a tough task.

We would have loved more to time to play about with the soldier customisation and a closer look at the weaponary but the 2 hour queue behind us meant it wasn’t to be. Needless to say if Infinity Ward end up ticking all the right boxes, fans of the franchise will be in for a real treat.

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