The Romans; what did they ever do for us?

They’ve done a fair bit for the Xbox One already as it happens. With Ryse: Son of Rome proving to be a popular launch title for the One you’d be forgiven for thinking that maybe they’ve earned a rest.

Not so, with Wulverblade, one of the first games to be accepted into the new ID@Xbox program, the new generation of Indie Games looks to be setting a benchmark for the Indie Devs of tomorrow.

British illustrator, Michael Heald is the man behind Indie studio Fully Illustrated and is the driving force and brainchild for Wulverblade. This side-scrolling fighter draws heavily from the games of yesteryear and indeed has an air of Ghosts and Goblins about it.

Despite the heavy-lined art and furious hack ‘n slash action, Wulverblade’s roots are firmly embedded in the actual history of Roman-occupied Britain. The game will feature real historic places and documented, real characters of the time. The one thing that hasn’t been skimmed over is, history and story. Look out for Wulverblade then, one of the first of the new generation of Indie games coming out on the ID@Xbox program, this winter.

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